The Spirit of the Harriet Tubman Legacy Coin was created to remember and honor her legacy, to ensure that it is passed down from generation to generation.

 In my experience, fundraising is the single most important element to secure and support new and innovative organizations. We need the help of corporations/investors to leverage human and financial resources, designed to support community development projects (like ours), but it’s not working! A gazillion dollars has been given to governments and there are kids who are still poor, still without clean water, and still without electricity/connectivity! Quite frankly I was tired of begging for money, because it does not go to organizations like mine that are doing the work and having an impact at the community level!  That’s why I am using my Harriet Tubman Legacy Coin as a fundraising tool to help buy more water filters to provide clean water, energy and telecommunications for our children in our schools in Tanzania (throughout Africa) and help further support educational programs in our American schools that will help keep the spirit and legacy of Harriet Tubman and other historical icons (e.g. Rosa Parks), and highlight some of the historical moments (e.g. March on Washington) of the African American experience alive.  I must admit, this is one of those things that God dropped in my lap (like he did w/my clean water projects in Africa), so the enormity of this blessing must be shared.

– Kimberly Fogg

The Legacy Coin Features:

  • Railroad tracks to represent the Underground Railroad
  • The chains around the National Museum of African American History and Culture symbolize breaking the chains of slavery
  • Each coin is numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • We can change the museum side and custom design coins/lapel pins/cuff links/pendants to fit your branding objectives

Branding Example:

Kimberly Fogg is the Founder and CEO of Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP) and for the past 9 years, her organization has been providing access to clean/safe drinking Water using innovative water technology. GSP also teaches Sanitation, Health and Hygiene (WASH) practices in schools/orphanages/households/health dispensaries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP)

GSP promotes and advocates for sustainable community development solutions using innovative water technologies, drone technology/humanitarian/disaster relief and basic technological building blocks (e.g., electricity, phone/internet connections and cold storage) that aide in empowering girls/women, resulting in positive economic, social/political change throughout Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

To date, GSP has installed over 800 water filters in 60 schools, over 200 households, 4 orphanages, 57 government and faith-based health centers and one District hospital.  Because of the success of GSP’s “Water is the Lifeline of Life” initiative in the Meru school district (Tanzania), the District was awarded certificates, car and bikes for winning the Sanitation and Environmental Health Competition in 2018 and 2nd place in 2017.  The Meru School District has been selected again to represent the Arusha Region again in the 2019 Sanitation and Environmental Health Competition. In addition, GSP recently donated filters to families in Mozambique/Zimbabwe impacted by the cyclone and donated filters to families in Haiti impacted by the earthquake in 2010. Learn more about GSP here

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