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The Harriett Tubman Legacy Coin Unveiled at the Harriet Tubman Museum in Cambridge, MD

Some of the Legacy Coin Family

“The Harriet Tubman Legacy coin is unique and “spiritual” at the same time. When Kimberly put it in my hand, I felt the solid weight and my fingers naturally ran across the imprints of railroad tracks on the front of The Tubman Legacy and slave shackles on the back of The Tubman Legacy, that memorialize Harriet Tubman’s triumph and rebellion.

Don Morgane

This gift of honoring the spirit of The Underground Railroad and it’s most prolific, courageous conductor, Sister Harriet Tubman, via this keepsake minted coin, is rare and unique… It is a personal, magical, connection of spirits, hearts, “Herstory” and Pure Love for Sisters and the Sisterhood!

Janyce Jefferson

History has been made, we want to congratulate Speaker Adrienne Jones historic victory as the first female and first African American female to be elected as the Speaker for the Maryland House of Delegates! Harriet’s legacy lives on, now the torch has been passed.

Read more about Speaker Adrienne Jones’ new position here

Our Trip to Harriet’s Hometown Cambridge, Maryland

While visiting Cambridge, we had the honor of participating in the Harriet Tubman historic 3 hour tour. We visited the Harriet Tubman museum, the Harriet Tubman Visitor Center, the one room school house, the church she attended, the Brodess farm where she was born and raised, the marsh where she captured muskrats, etc.

For more information about our partnership with Harriet Tubman Tours contact Kimberly Fogg at kfogg@tubmancoin.org

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